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Patrick Friesen
Advice for Writers: Experience, Wisdom, and Bullshit (2:47)

Patrick Friesen offers some advice for new writers.

Maurice Mierau
The Creative Process: Listening, Learning, and Living (3:17)

Maurice Mierau discusses the importance of listening.

Maureen Scott Harris
Writing Community: How Conversation Strengthens Writing (4:25)

Writing can be a lonely business. In this video, Maureen Scott Harris talks about her long friendship with Jan Horner and how community has helped her as an artist.

John K. Samson
The Writing Life: Arbiter Ring Publishing (1:31)

Jonn K. Samson talks about what inspired him to co-found a publishing company.

Maureen Scott Harris
The Writing Life: Publishing, Editing, Managing, and Creating (3:04)

As a freelance editor, essayist, reviewer, writer and manager of Brick Books, Maureen Scott Harris has seen all sides of the writing life. In this video, she discusses the advantages and disadvantages of stepping outside of her own creative practice.

Patrick Friesen
The Writing Life: Teaching and Throwing Hand Grenades (2:49)

Patrick Friesen talks about being a teacher, inspiring excitement in his students and why he doesn't think his job takes away from his writing.

Maureen Scott Harris
Winnipeg: A Strange and Familiar Landscape (2:43)

Maureen Scott Harris tries to explain why coming home to Winnipeg feels a bit like being in two places at once.

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