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Patrick Friesen
Awards & Reviews: Placement Among Peers (0:41)

In this video, Friesen tries to describe how he feels about the many awards and nominations he has received.

Maurice Mierau
Awards & Reviews: Helping Readers Make Choices (6:53)

In this video, Maurice Mierau discusses what winning the 2009 ReLit award for poetry meant to him, as well as the differences between winning awards and being reviewed.

Maureen Scott Harris
Awards & Reviews: Poetry Awareness (1:33)

Maureen Scott Harris' poetry book Drowning Lessons was recently selected as one of four favourite Trillium books along with two novels by Michael Ondaatje and one by Margaret Atwood. Harris discusses her excitement at what this means for poetry.

Maurice Mierau
On Editing: Revising and Reviving (5:28)

In this video, Maurice Mierau speaks to why it takes so long to write a book of poems.

Patrick Friesen
On Editing: Finishing a Book (3:35)

Patrick Friesen describes why he has difficulty knowing when a work is finished and why he prefers publishing quickly rather than trying to obtain perfection.

Maurice Mierau
On Editing: Finding New Voices (1:50)

Maurice Mierau discusses reading manuscripts for book and magazine publishers, and looking for the individual voice of interesting new writers.

Patrick Friesen
Poetry Books: Spain and The Dark Boat (3:50)

Patrick Friesen talks about the inspiration and research behind his book The Dark Boat, released by Anvil Press in 2011, including his submersion into Spanish culture during his trip to Spain.

John K. Samson
Poetry Books: Music in Writing (2:48)

In this video, John K. Samson discusses his writing process and why he decided to publish a book of his lyrics. The book, Lyrics and Poems: 1997-2012, includes all of the lyrics to the Weakerthans' songs as well as for his solo album Provincial.

Maurice Mierau
Poetry Books: Variety (2:10)

Maurice Mierau talks about why and how he tries to create variety between his works.

Maureen Scott Harris
Inspiration: The Underwater World of Grief (3:31)

Maureen Scott Harris describes the differences between her first poetry collection A Possible Landscape, published by Brick Books in 1993, and her second Drowning Lessons published by Pedar Press in 2004. In doing so, she discusses inspiration, grief, and self-discovery.

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