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John K. Samson
Song: Hospital Vespers (1:40)

John K. Samson performs his song "Hospital Vespers" for Poets on Record.

John K. Samson
Song: Stop Error (2:13)

John K. Samson plays his song "Stop Error" for Poets on Record.

John K. Samson
Advice for Writers: Fear, Frustration, and Fraudery (2:48)

Starting a project can be scary. In this video, John K. Samson describes the fears he has about writing and how he gets around them.

Maurice Mierau
On Editing: Revising and Reviving (5:28)

In this video, Maurice Mierau speaks to why it takes so long to write a book of poems.

Maureen Scott Harris
On Editing: Lyrical Constraints (1:40)

Maureen Scott Harris is a self-declared lyric poet. In this video, she describes the effects of constraints on her writing.

Patrick Friesen
Poetry Books: Spain and The Dark Boat (3:50)

Patrick Friesen talks about the inspiration and research behind his book The Dark Boat, released by Anvil Press in 2011, including his submersion into Spanish culture during his trip to Spain.

John K. Samson
Poetry Books: Music in Writing (2:48)

In this video, John K. Samson discusses his writing process and why he decided to publish a book of his lyrics. The book, Lyrics and Poems: 1997-2012, includes all of the lyrics to the Weakerthans' songs as well as for his solo album Provincial.

John K. Samson
The Creative Process: Walking around with a Song (2:28)

John K. Samson describes his creative process and explains why editing is his favourite part of writing.

Patrick Friesen
Writing Community: Collaboration as a Way of Life (4:26)

Collaboration is one of the main sources of inspiration for Patrick Friesen. In this video he explains how important his collaborations in music, dance and translation have become for him and his work.

John K. Samson
Travel: A Musical Map (3:32)

John K. Samson discusses the initial inspiration for his solo album Provincial and how the project grew over time.

John K. Samson
Genre Lines: Breaking the Barriers (1:30)

John K. Samson explains why he does not believe in making distinctions between what type of writer he is.

Patrick Friesen
Genre Lines: The Colour of a Note (2:57)

Patrick Friesen describes the importance of music and sound in his writing and how his collaborations with musicians such as Marilyn Lerner have helped him to both focus and distort his senses.

John K. Samson
Growing Up: The Marriage of Music and Words (2:39)

In this video, John K. Samson talks about how growing up in the Lutheran church and discovering local poets inspired his love of music and words.

John K. Samson
Starting Out with Music (0:51)

John K. Samson describes how music, specifically punk rock, inspired his early writing.

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