Deadline: July 1, 2019 (updated deadline)

Submission call for “Emergence” — Volume 42 Issue 2 (Fall 2019) of Contemporary Verse 2 (CV2): The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing.

In celebration of Canada’s growing community of writers and all the new voices in this community that help sustain it, CV2 is currently seeking submissions of poetry and essays from emerging writers who represent the broad range of Canadian writing today. With this issue we wish to dispel the notion that to be an emerging poet is necessarily to be a young poet.

The Emergence Issue will feature an expansive conversation on what it means to be an emerging poet in Canada today. This expanded special issue will include interviews with experienced poets who work alongside new writers, as well as a broad selection of poetry by new and emerging writers themselves. How is one’s work shaped by being an emerging writer? What impact do new writers have on the broader writing community? What challenges do emerging writers face today, and how can those challenges be overcome? What kinds of support can established writers provide? These are some of the things we want to explore with the Emergence Issue.

You are eligible to submit to our Emergence Issue if you are a poet with no more than one published book of poetry.

Note: If your submission is in a language other than English or French, please include a brief English language preface describing the work in your cover letter.

Contemporary Verse 2 accepts online submissions only. Read our submission guidelines here. Submit your work using the link below: