Call For Proposals: Poetry Only: Hair!

Attention all you word-braiders, CV2 is rooting for poems that address, in any wave, shave or comb, the filamentous outgrowth experience known as hair!

Send us your comet-tailed, sun-tressed, folliculared, oiled, feathered, nappy-happied, blue-rinsed, back-combed, dreadlocked, towel-dried, ingrown, overgrown, turbaned, receding, ice-lashed, wigged-out, whiskered, weaved, cornrowed, jheri-curled, hot-waxed, teased, tweezed, straightened and extended strands by December 15, 2016 to be considered for this, our knottiest, all-do’s (no comb-overs!) issue yet.

Deadline: December 15, 2016 (CV2's reading period is currently closed and will reopen Sept 1 2016. Please submit between Sept 1 2016 and Dec 15 2016.)

Submit your freshcut, original, unpublished pages, up to six maximum, online. Please indicate in your cover letter that you are submitting to Poetry Only: Hair.