Submission Guidelines

Contemporary Verse 2 accepts only online submissions for consideration.

We no longer accept mail or email submissions. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to submit.

Send any questions or concerns regarding the online submission process to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Note that CV2's reading period runs from Sept 1 through May 31. CV2 does not accept submissions from June 1 through August 31.

Submission Guidelines

Any submissions that do not follow correct guidelines or do not include full contact information will not be considered for publication and will not receive a reply. Please read the submission guidelines before sending us your work. Submit your work using the link below.

Editorial Aim and Policy

Contemporary Verse 2 is a quarterly literary journal that publishes poetry and critical writing about poetry, including interviews, articles, essays, and reviews. It is our policy to publish new writing by both emerging and established poets. The writing we encourage reflects a diversity representing a range of social and cultural experience along with literary excellence.

Suitability for Publication

CV2 purchases first North American serial print rights and limited, non-exclusive digital rights only. Authors retain full copyright for works published in CV2.

We suggest that writers research literary journals carefully before submitting their work to determine that the journal’s aesthetics match that of their writing. Because of the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback to everyone who requests it. If you are a new writer, we recommend seeking consultation from an experienced writer. For manuscript consultation services and programs, contact your local or provincial writing organization for assistance.

A sample of CV2 content is published on our website. In addition, back issues of CV2 are available for $5 (+$2 shipping) in our store. Or, check the list of where to buy CV2.

French language submissions

CV2 welcomes poetry submissions in French, as well as translation projects, including both French to English and English to French.

Length of Submissions

Note: For submissions of critical writing, including articles, essays, interviews, and reviews, please include a word count in your cover letter. Authors of critical writing should be prepared for editorial suggestions regarding length, tone, and format.

Submission Requirements

Please upload your submission as a single attachment of a Microsoft Word, TXT or RTF (rich text format) document.

Each submission should include:

Review Time

Our review time is between 2 to 6 months. We ask that you please be patient with our editorial process, which is designed to ensure that all submissions are considered with the same care.

Because of publication deadlines, our questions concerning editing often require a quick turnaround, meaning publication of your work could be jeopardized or delayed if you do not provide accurate contact information.

Reading period

Contemporary Verse 2 accepts submissions from Sept. 1 through May 31. 


Writers whose work is selected for publication receive 2 complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears. This is in addition to payment.

Note for international writers

Unsolicited overseas contributors (from outside of Canada and the USA) whose fee is $40.00 or less (one poem or review) will receive only their two contributor copies as payment. We are no longer able to offer a fee to these writers because the cost of postage to mail two copies of the journal is higher than the amount that the contributor would receive in payment for a single poem or review. There can also be difficulties in the exchange of smaller amounts of Canadian Funds abroad. The only exceptions to this new policy are Canadians living abroad who give a Canadian address for mailings. These contributors will be compensated according to guidelines for regular Canadian contributors, receiving payment and two contributor copies.

Upcoming themed issues

“2S + QTBIPOC Bodies” (Winter 2021)

If you wish to submit for a specific themed issue, please indicate this in your cover letter. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Note that CV2's reading period runs from Sept 1 through May 31. CV2 does not accept submissions from June 1 through August 31.