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The Keystone of Canadian Poetry Turns 35 cover

The Keystone of Canadian Poetry Turns 35

Fall 2010 · Vol. 33 No. 2

The second of two issues celebrating thirty-five years of publishing. This special 160-page issue is packed with poetry from seventy-five Canadian poets whose work has been published in CV2 over the past twenty-five years, from 1985 to the present.

The Early Years cover

The Early Years

Summer 2010 · Vol. 33 No. 1

The first of two issues in celebration of Contemporary Verse 2‘s thirty-five years of fine poetry. We focus on the first ten years of the journal’s history, from its founding in 1975 by Dorothy Livesay until 1985, when the magazine underwent a complete overhaul – resulting in radical changes not only to the editorial structure but to the size, look and publishing mandate of the magazine.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2010 · Vol. 32 No. 4

With this installment of “Poetry Only”, CV2 is very pleased to present new work by a couple of CV2’s most illustrious alumni: Sylvia Legris, Tim Bowling, and Mary di Michele, as well as work from an amazing array of perhaps less familiar but very awesome poets, including Darren Bifford, Marita Dachsel and Elisabeth de Mariaffi.

At the Root of Voice cover

At the Root of Voice

Winter 2010 · Vol. 32 No. 3

In this issue we are exploring what might lay at the “root of voice.” Interviews with Elizabeth Bachinsky and Michael Trussler. Poetry by Tom Wayman, Kerry Ryan, Richard Crow, and more.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2009 · Vol. 32 No. 2

CV2’s annual Open Issue features an interview with poetry upstart Jeramy Dodds, who talks about the unexpected success and praise of his first collection of poetry, Crabwise to the Hounds. Also featured is “Formally Speaking” with CV2 Editor, poet and critical writer Maurice Mierau, as well as new work by E. Blagrave, matt robinson, Gillian Sze and many others.

The Green Issue cover

The Green Issue

Summer 2009 · Vol. 32 No. 1

In this issue you will find a range of writing about the environment and poetry, an interview, essays, and poetry that speak to both the complexity of human nature and poetry.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2009 · Vol. 31 No. 4

With this issue CV2 goes poetry, and nothing but poetry, with selections of new work by Robyn Sarah, Paddy McCallum, Jan Horner, Evelyn Lau, Susan Stenson, Jan Conn, Patricia Young, Geneviève Morin, Karl Meade, Johanna Skibsrud and many others.

The War Issue cover

The War Issue

Winter 2009 · Vol. 31 No. 3

In this issue, “At War,” CV2 examines the relationship of poetry and war. Interviews with George Amabile and smsteele.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2008 · Vol. 31 No. 2

Interviews and poetry from Lorri Nielsen Glenn and David Hickey.

Poem as Travelogue cover

Poem as Travelogue

Summer 2008 · Vol. 31 No. 1

“Poem as Travelogue / Le poème comme explorateur” features an interview with J.R. Léveillé, internationally respected Franco-Manitoban poet, novelist and essayist, by Laurent Poliquin, with a new selection of his work. J.R. Léveillé talks about writing, poetry and geo-social polemics of French Canadian writing. Also includes “Formally Speaking” by Maurice Mierau, and new poetry by Heather Casby, Rhona McAdam, Patrick Woodcock, and many more poets who have travelled to the ends of the world in poetic form.