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The War Issue cover

The War Issue

Winter 2009 · Vol. 31 No. 3

In this issue, “At War,” CV2 examines the relationship of poetry and war. Interviews with George Amabile and smsteele.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2008 · Vol. 31 No. 2

Interviews and poetry from Lorri Nielsen Glenn and David Hickey.

Poem as Travelogue cover

Poem as Travelogue

Summer 2008 · Vol. 31 No. 1

“Poem as Travelogue / Le poème comme explorateur” features an interview with J.R. Léveillé, internationally respected Franco-Manitoban poet, novelist and essayist, by Laurent Poliquin, with a new selection of his work. J.R. Léveillé talks about writing, poetry and geo-social polemics of French Canadian writing. Also includes “Formally Speaking” by Maurice Mierau, and new poetry by Heather Casby, Rhona McAdam, Patrick Woodcock, and many more poets who have travelled to the ends of the world in poetic form.

The Jilted Issue cover

The Jilted Issue

Spring 2008 · Vol. 30 No. 4

“The Jilted Issue: poems of love lost / Se faire larguer: poèmes d’amour perdu”. In this issue, poet and critical writer Sharon Caseburg discusses poetry and love gone wrong with iconic Canadian poet, novelist and editor, Tom Wayman. A selection of Wayman’s well-known work on the subject along with new writing accompanies this in-depth conversation. Also in this issue are a very fine selection of new work from John Creary, John Wall Barger, Andrea Mcphearson, Jacob McArthur Mooney and Patrick Woodcock, to name a few. A unique take on the age-old discussion of love and poetry, this issue is sure to surprise.

Poetry as Mirror cover

Poetry as Mirror

Winter 2008 · Vol. 30 No. 3

Inside this issue there are feature interviews with poets Jim Nason and Jan Conn, who talk about the reflections of the body in their writing; the second instalment of “Formally Speaking” by poet Maurice Mierau; new work by familiar poets like John Barton and less familiar voices who are equally arresting in their ability to contour the body. This issue also includes new work by world renowned Franco-Manitoban poet J.R Léveillé.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2007 · Vol. 30 No. 2

Toronto poet Steve McOrmond talks about his newest collection, Primer on the Hereafter, and the impact of poetry on his life. Winnipeg’s versatile Charlene Diehl, performance Poet, jazz journalist, musician and Artistic Director of Thin Air: Winnipeg’s International Writers Festival opens up about her performance, music, her experiences of loss and the importance of poetry.

The Industry of Verse cover

The Industry of Verse

Summer 2007 · Vol. 30 No. 1

A. J. Levin talks with Carla Funk and Alison Calder, as well as Kitty Lewis and Barry Dempster from Brick Books, and Coach House Books’ editor-in-chief, Alana Wilcox, about the ins and outs of the industry of verse.

Poets Who Swing Both Ways cover

Poets Who Swing Both Ways

Spring 2007 · Vol. 29 No. 4

In CV2’s Spring 2007 offering, A.J. Levin chats with acclaimed poet and novelist Alison Pick about her ambi-genre success. “Poets Who Swing Both Ways,” features the work of poets who are successful in multiples genres. This issue also includes an in-depth interview by poet and essayist Joanne Arnott with award-winning playwright and poet Daniel David Moses. Featured poetry in this issue includes new poetry by Daniel David Moses, Maurice Mierau, Deirdre Dwyer, Jane Silcott, Robert Colman and Rob Winger.

Contraverse cover


Winter 2007 · Vol. 29 No. 3

“Contraverse” looks into the wilder side of verse with Manitoba poetry sensation Poor Tree. Members Christoff Engbrecht, David Streit and Dana Landry offer candid observations about the contribution of their brand of performance poetry—and also includes poems written during an impromptu improv performance for CV2’s Managing Editor, Clarise Foster. Other work includes new erotic poems by George Elliot Clarke, visual poems by Donato Mancini, new pieces by jazzy Charlene Diehl, newcomer Carey Toane and much more.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2006 · Vol. 29 No. 2

CV2’s first annual Open Issue features two in depth interviews by Sharon Caseburg—one with internationally renowned Bosian-Canadian poet Goran Simic about his writing and the compassion of poetry in the face of war, and a second with Mark Abley, a well-known and respected Canadian author and poet, about his experiences as the editor of the first posthumous collection of previously unpublished poetry by the late and wonderful grand dame of words, Anne Szumigalski, recently published by Brick Books. This issue includes an essay by poet and CV2 French editor Laurent Poliquin, as well as poetry by Marie d’Anjou, Eugene Dubnov, Paddy McCallum, Jan Conn and many more.