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Poet in the Family cover

Poet in the Family

Summer 2013 · Vol. 36 No. 1

This issue starts with Sharon Caseburg’s candid and insightful conversation with poet Ken Babstock about poetry and family and his writing process which is aptly followed by a selection of both new — including the poem “Half-Macedonian,” a lullaby he wrote when his son was still very small — and previously published work from his most recent and Griffin Poetry Award-winning collection, Methodist Hatchet. Along with Ken Babstock’s poetry we have new work from Patricia Young, Barbara Black and Julia McCarthy to mention just some of the writing you’ll find in the pages to come. Also, CV2 is very pleased and excited to present a new feature, “Resistance/Words for the Revolution”: writing inspired by the Idle No More movement and the recent activities protesting the treatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2013 · Vol. 35 No. 4

CV2’s annual issue dedicated to poetry - and poetry only. Barry Dempster, Alice Major, Phoebe Wang, Onjana Yawnghwe and 32 others bring you new poetry this spring. This issue also has the winners from the 2012 2-Day Poem Contest.

No Place Like Home: A Winnipeg Issue cover

No Place Like Home: A Winnipeg Issue

Winter 2013 · Vol. 35 No. 3

In her essay “Making Art,” Winnipeg poet and novelist Catherine Hunter writes: “Some artists leave home to make discoveries, to remake themselves. Others stay put to discover themselves and remake their homes.” It makes sense then, that, in addition to a fine array of writing and art, this issue represents a range of the “Winnipeg experience” as represented by former Winnipeggers like Jon Paul Fiorentino and Sylvia Legris; transplanted Winnipeggers like Méira Cook and Derek Dunlop; budding Winnipeggers like Steven Leyden Cochrane; and of course all those Winnipeggers for life like Catherine Hunter and John K. Samson. All artists, all very different in their mediums, approaches and ways of speaking. Common to them all: the unique gravity of this city.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2012 · Vol. 35 No. 2

Featured conversation with well-known Canadian poet, Jeanette Lynes. Thoughts of another well-known Canadian poet, Tim Bowling, in response to the loss of the very important American poet Adrienne Rich.

In Nature’s Fold: Animism in Poetry cover

In Nature’s Fold: Animism in Poetry

Summer 2012 · Vol. 35 No. 1

To delve deeper into the relationship between poetry and nature, we are pleased to have celebrated Canadian poet John Steffler in conversation with poet and editor Sharon Caseburg.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2012 · Vol. 34 No. 4

There are thirty-nine poets in this issue, and that many and more new poems. Pick a few—plant ’em all, sprinkle with attention and then let your imagination grow. We guarantee it is worth the effort.

The Winter Issue cover

The Winter Issue

Winter 2012 · Vol. 34 No. 3

Maureen Scott Harris and Jan Horner in conversation. New poetry by Robyn Sarah, Margaret Sweatman, Jan Conn, Shane Neilson, Raoul Fernandes and Kathy Mac.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2011 · Vol. 34 No. 2

We interview Jennifer Still, and bill bissett and David Eso invent a new form of the interview. This issue includes poems translated into French, winners from our past two contests, new book reviews, and, of course, lots of poetry.

Online Imagination cover

Online Imagination

Summer 2011 · Vol. 34 No. 1

Rachel Zolf speaks about her recent online poetry project, “The Tolerance Project.” Jonathan Ball and Colin Smith discuss parasitic poetry, procedural techniques, and flarf.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2011 · Vol. 33 No. 4

Poetry by George Elliott Clarke, Tanis MacDonald, Evelyn Lau, and others in our annual issue of nothing but poetry. Also in this issue are the winners of the 2010 2-Day Poem Contest.