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Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2016 · Vol. 38 No. 4

Issue 38.4 is CV2’s annual installment of nothing but poetry, dedicated to the memory of J. Gordon Shillingford. Poets in this issue include John Steffler, listen chen, David Alexander, Catherine Seton, Omer Hadžiselimović’s new translations of Bosnian poet Milorad Pejić, Simon Perchik (once described as “the most widely published unknown poet in America”), Rebecca Givens Rolland, Anna Wärje and many others.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Winter 2016 · Vol. 38 No. 3

Contemporary Verse 2 volume 38.3 “The Open Issue” marks the beginning of CV2‘s fifth decade and features the winners of the Young Buck Poetry Prize and 2-Day Poem Contest. The issue includes new poetry from Sarah Klassen, John Wall Barger, Linda Frank, and Ted Landrum as well as several book reviews.

Out of Line cover

Out of Line

Fall 2015 · Vol. 38 No. 2

For this special anniversary issue, Contemporary Verse 2 resists looking back at their 40 years of publishing experience and instead chooses to celebrate the future possibilities for poetry, both critically and creatively. This issue breaks free from CV2’s usual design to pay tribute, with a more modern interpretation, to the original 1975 issues of the magazine.

The Poetics of Queer cover

The Poetics of Queer

Summer 2015 · Vol. 38 No. 1

Since the first Pride celebrations in 1970, the queer movement has significantly altered the socio-sexual artscape of North America, including Canada. In “The Poetics of Queer,” Volume 38, Issue 1 of CV2, we explore the factors that shape queer art and literature today. Poetics that derive from a history informed by acts of rebellion, such as the Stonewall Riots, the continued AIDS crisis, and the growing struggles and subsequent emerging victories for visibility of trans writers and publications. Includes new work by Erín Moure, Trish Salah, Tommy “Teebs” Pico, Tamiko Beyer, newcomer Bowen Smyth and many others. Print subscribers will also receive a copy of our supplementary publication Poetry Lives Here with this issue.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2015 · Vol. 37 No. 4

Is the phrase “Poetry Only” a description or an imperative? Other issues of CV2 provide a way into a poem’s labyrinth with interviews, articles, and reviews, but in this issue the verse stands alone. Poetry’s language is a defense, a performance, a façade; an offering, a collaboration. It is the study of memory as a second language and it is a language we all share. The place where poetry comes from is right across the street from where memory lives. We hope, perhaps, here is where the reader and the writer meet for coffee. New poetry by Kathy Mac, Rhea Tregebov, Sally Ito, Louise B. Halfe, David Huebert, and 28 others stands together in this spring collection.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Winter 2015 · Vol. 37 No. 3

In this issue, poet and professor Tanis MacDonald interviews Sina Queyras, also known as the “the poet who will say anything,” about feminism, criticism, and the end of Lemon Hound. Poetry by both MacDonald and Queyras is included within the issue along with work from new and familiar poets such as Tim Prior, Zell Kravinsky, and Patrick Grace. The issue concludes with three reviews: Melanie Dennis on Alli Warren’s Here Come the Warm Jets, John Stintzi on Alison Calder’s In the Tiger Park, and Méira Cook on Brecken Hancock’s Broom Broom.

The Fall Issue cover

The Fall Issue

Fall 2014 · Vol. 37 No. 2

In this issue critical author and poet Jason Guriel converses with iconic Canadian (and American) poet Molly Peacock about her emigration from the U.S. to Canada and the impact that experience has had on her as a writer and on her work. We also welcome the mercurial return of “Formally Speaking” by Maurice Mierau, who this time takes on a crop of recently published books on critical writing in Canada. We enjoy an engaging range of new poems from budding new talents like Michael Meahger, Mike Donaldson and Shannon Maguire, along with those by more familiar poets like Jan Conn and Michael V. Smith. Included are the winning poems from the 2014 2-Day Poem contest.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Summer 2014 · Vol. 37 No. 1

Souvankham Thammavongsa talks with Quentin Mills-Fenn, a.k.a. local critical writer and publicist, Bruce Symenka, about her third and most recent collection of poetry, Light. Her poem “Water” first appeared in CV2 in 2002 and then again when it was selected to receive the Lina Chartrand Poetry Award, an annual award that goes to a woman poet published in the previous year of CV2. “Water” hit the poetic sweet spot dead on. Spare, elegant and meditative, Souvankham’s work dispatches quickly the stratums of modern distraction most of us struggle with and heads for the organic — crystalline, moment of seeing — of understanding. Also in this issue you will find new work by a host of new and familiar poets including John Barton, Susan McCaslin, Daniel Cowper, Caitlynn Cummings, Ben Murray and Elise Marcella Godfrey. We also have a couple of reviews to round things out and the winning entries for the 2013 Young Buck Poetry Prize.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2014 · Vol. 36 No. 4

Each poem in CV2’s spring 2014 “Poetry Only” issue is listening deep into the stirred silence of the page. Where once there was emptiness, a poem; where once there was attention, voice: 25 poets careening for your ear! Here reside disturbed ponds, otter-tailed exclamations, interstellar field static, oceanic fault lines, silent synapses, glacial angels, northern ghost-farms, skeleton councils, phantom dollhouses, sub-island descents, and debt, much debt—inherited, historical, environmental—to reconcile.

Forces to Bear: The Reculturalization of Canadian Poetry cover

Forces to Bear: The Reculturalization of Canadian Poetry

Winter 2014 · Vol. 36 No. 3

CV2 explores how poetry in this country has been impacted by what are in more official circles referred to as non-dominant cultures in Canada. Includes feature interviews with poet and writer Peter Midgley, who was born in Namibia and stayed in Canada after finishing his PhD at the University of Alberta; and with Rand Jacobs, a.k.a. RC Weslowski, a member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam community since its early days in the late ’90s and an instrumental person in Canada’s Slam movement. Both of them talk about their art and the social and cultural inspiration behind their work.You’ll also find new poetry by Rhea Tregabov, Oana Avasilichioaei, Andy Quan and others, as well the final instalment of “Resistance/Words for the Revolution,” and a special art supplement featuring Sonny Assu.