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Canadian Poetry Directory cover

Canadian Poetry Directory

Spring 1984 · Vol. 08 No. 1

CV2’s issue from spring 1984.

Special Peace Poetry Issue cover

Special Peace Poetry Issue

Winter 1984 · Vol. 07 No. 4

A special issue of poems about peace, including poems by Catherine Hunter and Christopher Levenson.

Special Alberta Issue cover

Special Alberta Issue

Spring 1983 · Vol. 07 No. 2

A special issue of Alberta poetry, edited by William Latta with poems by Joy Kogawa and Paul Upton.

Volume 6 Issue 4 cover

Volume 6 Issue 4

Summer 1982 · Vol. 06 No. 4

CV2’s issue from summer 1982.

Special Newfoundland Poetry Issue cover

Special Newfoundland Poetry Issue

Spring 1982 · Vol. 06 No. 3

A special issue of Newfoundland poetry, edited by Adrian Fowler, Randall Maggs, and John Steffler.

A Sacred Mosaic: Spiritual Poetry in Canada cover

A Sacred Mosaic: Spiritual Poetry in Canada

Winter 1982 · Vol. 06 No. 1

A special double issue edited by Robert Sward and Penny Kemp, including poems by Bly, Kogawa, Livesay, and Birney.

Special British Columbia Issue cover

Special British Columbia Issue

Winter 1981 · Vol. 05 No. 2

A special issue of British Columbia poetry.

Volume 5 Issue 1 cover

Volume 5 Issue 1

Fall 1980 · Vol. 05 No. 1

CV2’s issue from fall 1980.

Volume 4 Issue 4 cover

Volume 4 Issue 4

Spring 1980 · Vol. 04 No. 4

CV2’s issue from spring 1980.

Poetry from the Kootenays cover

Poetry from the Kootenays

Fall 1979 · Vol. 04 No. 3

Poetry from the Kootenays, edited by Fred Wah and Mark Mealing