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Summer Issue cover

Summer Issue

Summer 2018 · Vol. 41 No. 1

In this issue we are pleased to feature three outstanding Canadian poets in conversation. First up, award-winning poet, literary critic and physician Shane Neilson (featured on the cover) talks with CV2 about his two newest publishing projects set for publication in 2018. Next up, Garry Thomas Morse, author of four collections of poetry — two shortlisted for the Governor General’s Poetry Award—talks with CV2’s new Editorial Assistant and poet, Chelsea Peters, about his newest collection Safety Sand, his second since moving to Manitoba five years ago. Third up, Angeline Schellenberg — whose first poetry collection Tell Them It Was Mozart won three awards at the Manitoba Book Awards in 2017 — talks with critic, poet and publisher Sharon Caseburg about the collection, a work that centres on her experience of her two children’s autism diagnosis.

Poetry Only cover

Poetry Only

Spring 2018 · Vol. 40 No. 4

We waited for thaw and found thirty-three fired-up voices circumnavigating “the bottom of winter”: D.A. Lockhart, Noah Cain, James Lindsay, Mollie Coles Tonn, Chelsea Coupal, Alyda Faber, and Anuradha Vijayakrishnan, to name a few. Ice or meltwater? An opening or a closing? Breakdown or repair? These poets ask us to read through the damage to the complexity of the task at hand, the healing available within and beyond the page.

The Winter Issue cover

The Winter Issue

Winter 2018 · Vol. 40 No. 3

This issue opens with a conversation between well-known Canadian poet and philosopher Jan Zwicky—author of several collections of poetry including Songs for Relinquishing the Earth (Brick Books), which won the Governor General’s Award—and Ben Ladouceur, whose first collection of poems, Otter (Coach House Books), received the 2016 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for best debut poetry (in addition to other notable mentions). This first interview underscores the second conversation you will find – Clarise Foster’s talk with Richard Osler. Poets in this issue include Anouk H. Henri, Celina Silva, Claire Caldwell, Mark Silverberg and many others.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2017 · Vol. 40 No. 2

In this issue, readers will find three feature interviews. The first is with Indigenous poet, arts journalist, activist and host of CBC’s popular broadcast program, Unreserved, Rosanna Deerchild. Rosanna talks with Sharanpal Ruprai — poet, editor and assistant professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg — about mothers, reconciliation and the legacy of residential schools. Rosanna’s acclaimed collection of poetry, calling down the sky (Bookland Press, 2015), has recently been translated and released in Cree. Co-written with her mother, calling down the sky relates Rosanna’s mother’s experience of residential school and the resonating impact of that experience for her personally, for Rosanna, her family and for so many Indigenous people and their families in this country.

The second conversation featured in this issue is Red Rising Magazine collective member Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie and two of the magazine’s contributing poets, Jacq Pelland and Jordyn Pepin, in discussion with CV2’s former student intern, Perry Reimer. Beautiful, bold and all kinds of savvy, Red Rising is one of Winnipeg’s and Canada’s newest literary ventures, with its magazine, website and social media presence dedicated to supporting and promoting Indigenous writing, poetry, journalism, art and action, especially to a younger audience.

Our third interview features an in-depth conversation with poet Mallory Tater about, as interviewer Hannah Green puts it, the “gritty and raw” approach to femininity in her soon to be released first poetry collection, This Will Be Good, from BookThug. They also talk about Mallory’s new blog feature, Glamato: Stiff Drinks and Strong Women and her new Vancouver-based chapbook venture, Rahila’s Ghost Press.

In addition to selected Cree translations of poems from calling down the sky and work from Mallory Tater’s forthcoming new collection, readers will also find a review of calling down the sky by Di Brandt and new work from poets Kate Cayley, Kristian Enright, and much more.

Convergence cover


Summer 2017 · Vol. 40 No. 1

For over ten years, núna (now) Iceland Canada Art Convergence has been bringing Icelandic and Icelandic-background artists of all disciplines to Manitoba, as a way of maintaining the cultural bridge between the two places. It is a “bridge” created over 140 years ago when the first Icelandic migrants arrived at Nýja Ísland or New Iceland, a parcel of land along the southwest shores of Lake Winnipeg.

Produced in partnership with núna (now), this issue of CV2 features work on survival, cross-cultural exchange and legacy, as well as interviews with a rawlings, the members of Ós Pressan and Jeramy Dodds.

Poetry Only: Hair cover

Poetry Only: Hair

Spring 2017 · Vol. 39 No. 4

This Poetry Only issue features poetry about hair. The thirty-six voices collected in this issue offer a fantastical tangle of the tresses: Tracy Hamon tests relational trimmings and partings in “Examination”; Tanis MacDonald’s “Shornography” texturizes with edge; Chloë Catán cuts with teeth. From the fine, almost imperceptible hairs in Donna J. Gelagotis Lee’s “Hot Breath” to the grainy snares in Seren Gagne’s “Porcelain Clown,” hair is both process and memory, barrier and passage. These are poems that listen across bodies and botanies, creatures and lands, teasing the cultural through to the elemental and back again.

Northern Ontarian Innovative and Indigenous Poetics cover

Northern Ontarian Innovative and Indigenous Poetics

Winter 2017 · Vol. 39 No. 3

This issue features new poetry from Griffin Poetry Prize winning poet Liz Howard, and creative critical writing by Fenn Stewart and waaseyaa’sin christine sy on Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent. As well, Sarah Pinder and Mat Laporte share in conversation about coming of age in a small town, the desperation for the intellectual life, escapist tactics, and zines before the age of the internet. Translators/poets Vappu Kannas and Shannon Maguire collaborate to create a part Finnish/part English text exploring language, translation, creation and loss. Margaret Christakos transcends form in a generous offering of new writing, experimenting with the poetic essay, the lyric poem and the Facebook post. This issue also includes bold new poetics from Vera Wabegijig, the electric lyricism of M.D. Dunn, and work from emerging poet Keri Cheechoo, a PhD candidate focusing on themes of colonization, silence, racism, and resilience in her work. Finally, we bring you the eloquent and powerful poetry of Lesley Belleau. This special issue of CV2 brings shoulder-to-shoulder some of the most exciting emerging and newly established voices—alongside several long-established ones—working in innovative and Indigenous traditions.

The Open Issue cover

The Open Issue

Fall 2016 · Vol. 39 No. 2

This issue brings you a conversation with one of Canada’s most innovative, not to mention outspoken, poets, George Murray about writing, aging and Diversion, George’s most recent collection, as well as his stint as St. John’s Poet Laureate. And because this is the Open Issue there is, of course, lots of poetry of all shapes, sizes and inclinations. Not only will you find a selection of envelope-pushing new work by featured poet George Murray, but also a whole range of new writing from the poetic likes of Christophe Schinckus, Jessica Bebenek, Müesser Yeniay and David Cavanagh, to mention a few.

Water cover


Summer 2016 · Vol. 39 No. 1

In this instalment of CV2, we have gathered together a range of writing to examine how water continues to shape poetry as a means of inspiration. The issue also includes an interview with Sue Goyette, woodcut images and poems from Bird Beast and Lover, as well as the winners of the 2014 and 2015 Lina Chartrand Award.

Poetry Lives Here cover

Poetry Lives Here

Special Summer 2015 supplement · Vol. 38 PLH No. 1

In Poetry Lives Here, nineteen young writers, aged 15–25, bring poetry [back] to life. Written and edited by young Canadian poets, this supplementary publication of Contemporary Verse 2 first asks “Where does poetry live? Is it even still alive?”, then takes us through a [place] and no place on the verge of insanity; where bodies and minds are dissected into code and data; where meaning is made byte-sized and indigestible; where childhood is regurgitated; where dog parks are tagged with emblems of god in post-neo-hipster-fashion; where the only tangible thing we offer is the expectation of punctuation; and answers “Poetry is [it lives] — here.” 

Print subscribers receive this print supplement free with their Summer 2015 issue. Print copies are available to order for $7 +$1.50 shipping. Poetry Lives Here is also available as a digital PDF for $5. Digital orders will be sent the full PDF via email. We strive to email it as soon as possible, but it may take us several days if an order is placed over a weekend.