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No Place Like Home: A Winnipeg Issue cover

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On the cover: John K. Samson

Photo by: Cindy Titus

No Place Like Home: A Winnipeg Issue

Winter 2013 · Vol. 35 No. 3

In her essay “Making Art,” Winnipeg poet and novelist Catherine Hunter writes: “Some artists leave home to make discoveries, to remake themselves. Others stay put to discover themselves and remake their homes.” It makes sense then, that, in addition to a fine array of writing and art, this issue represents a range of the “Winnipeg experience” as represented by former Winnipeggers like Jon Paul Fiorentino and Sylvia Legris; transplanted Winnipeggers like Méira Cook and Derek Dunlop; budding Winnipeggers like Steven Leyden Cochrane; and of course all those Winnipeggers for life like Catherine Hunter and John K. Samson. All artists, all very different in their mediums, approaches and ways of speaking. Common to them all: the unique gravity of this city.

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