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Forces to Bear: The Reculturalization of Canadian Poetry cover

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On the cover: There is Hope, If we Rise #5

Cover art by: Sonny Assu

Forces to Bear: The Reculturalization of Canadian Poetry

Winter 2014 · Vol. 36 No. 3

CV2 explores how poetry in this country has been impacted by what are in more official circles referred to as non-dominant cultures in Canada. Includes feature interviews with poet and writer Peter Midgley, who was born in Namibia and stayed in Canada after finishing his PhD at the University of Alberta; and with Rand Jacobs, a.k.a. RC Weslowski, a member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam community since its early days in the late ’90s and an instrumental person in Canada’s Slam movement. Both of them talk about their art and the social and cultural inspiration behind their work.You’ll also find new poetry by Rhea Tregabov, Oana Avasilichioaei, Andy Quan and others, as well the final instalment of “Resistance/Words for the Revolution,” and a special art supplement featuring Sonny Assu.

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