Writing, after heavy spring rain

This poem won Honourable mention in the 2009 2-Day Poem Contest

These are markers on the dial of the seasons:

Armloads of winter wood & hours

beside the kumquat coals

of the parlour stove;

buckets of ash that leach sweetness –

noxious to potato, blueberry & rhododendron –

into this valley, this sink into swamp;

an apple tree pulled by a rose to earth

in a quagmire of leaf-mould, rose wand & re-rooted thorn;

effervescent pink & violet in blackberry, rose, birch & alder;

& the freak of a squirrel in the barn at the dog’s entry.


Stream, chickadee, sparrow & crow improvise a chord –

a gradation of joy in overlapping sound – noted

on the screen that is this cloister’s window.

Published online June 01 2009.

This poem was a winner in CV2’s annual 2-Day Poem Contest. Every April, CV2 challenges players to create a new original poem that uses all 10 words of our choosing. It’s poetry under pressure for prizes, publication, and personal bests. Learn how to sign up for the next 2-Day Poem Contest.

Poetry Only cover image

This piece was published in ‘Poetry Only,’ the Spring 2010 issue of CV2.

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