Photo of a Family Vacation [1967]

He is a blade slipping on the skin of a trout.

He is a blade and he is slipping and he is a trout.

Skirting the shallows, the screen of sediment.

A hand trawling lazily through a basin.

He is an oar striking surface.

The water-striders scatter.

He is the hook that becomes a pan.

A cut lake bleeds white.

The oil sizzles. Thins.

Published online October 31 2013.

Michael Prior lives in Richmond, British Columbia, where he works in a bookstore. His poems have previously appeared in The Antigonish Review, Branch Magazine, CV2, ditch and Qwerty.

The Open Issue cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Open Issue,’ the Fall 2013 issue of CV2.

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