Old Man Winter 1

Old man winter’s got a gap-toothed scowl on his stubbled

crag. He spits blizzards like Copenhagen chew, expectorates

Nor’easters in autumn’s brass spittoon.


Summer’s child isn’t welcome here. These river bones ache,

a prehistoric fang embedded in the meat of me. I’m cold-packed

and hung. Whaler’s hook jailed. A seasoning of snow.

Published online March 01 2016.

Paula Jane Remlinger has been published in Grain Magazine, The New Quarterly, Spring and The Fieldstone Review, as well as a number of anthologies. She holds an MA from the University of Saskatchewan and is a graduate of UBC’s MFA program. Currently, she writes and edits on a freelance basis from her home in Beaver Creek, Saskatchewan.

The Open Issue cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Open Issue,’ the Winter 2016 issue of CV2.

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