Old Crow

The Porcupine caribou took a dive

a quill’s breadth above the 66th


just as the lake disappeared

                    overnight, they say,


leaving fine-grained

beaches strewn with horse hooves, 


mammoth teeth, shattered ribs, a storied

Pleistocene-era ghost-farm —


enough remains to fill 

the museums of the world

Published online May 21 2014.

Christine Fellows is a Winnipeg-based songwriter and performer. Her songs have sailed her to venues all over the world, sent her wheeling down the centre aisle of a darkened Toronto church wearing a papier-mâché bat head, set her down in a community centre near the Arctic Circle and a palazzo garden in Venice. She will release her sixth album alongside her first collection of poetry in 2014 (ARP Books).

Poetry Only cover image

This piece was published in ‘Poetry Only,’ the Spring 2014 issue of CV2.

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