of future cosmetics

…There are

good reasons for death, you said,

and sucked the spicy liquor from my

last small breath.

—Susan Musgrave, “Cocktails at the Mausoleum”

What they might try to map out

on my face, or with needles


I would rather burn


The unfinished quilts

pressed, in a case, beneath the bed


Some still uncut and, so, whole


But waiting


Of floral wreaths, lily stench, baskets lined

like seniors’ beds with impermeable sheets


And the pale dog, lost now, somewhere pleased

or desperate, wondering


That last drink drawn between us


An imperceptible surge in the grid, in

the walls that hide our wiring


But not of death

(Of dying

Published online March 11 2007.

Poets Who Swing Both Ways cover image

This piece was published in ‘Poets Who Swing Both Ways,’ the Spring 2007 issue of CV2.

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