turn me to play tire tracked steel wound funiculars filamented clandestine caravans bordering optic filters and a mandolin so held, so structuralized and redistributed as Saracen crescents as buttery Actias Luna (saturnidae) and gifted unlearnings < 2 waltzes as two guns loaded out truck, out dyad doors, out every single possibilitie(s) body shop blue hood and snow blue moose cavities waxing tracks moon blue in anthelmintic melody resteeling quivering pairs of
quadraphonic compression (with elemental persistent caroms)

hunting form / structure

 disguised as            

 unlit lunula

 noctuid hot


 as virtuosic

 (!) Chopin 




 in C# min

 as two guns

 loaded out

 a truck out

 twin doors

 out all hair

 wind swept 

 ash auricle

 as… as…

 a sun rises

Published online March 08 2016.

Jesse Matas is a writer, musician, filmmaker and builder. He has released three albums and toured in ten countries with his band The Crooked Brothers. He lives and works in western Manitoba, where he continues to write and publish songs, poems and films.

The Open Issue cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Open Issue,’ the Winter 2016 issue of CV2.

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