Smokestack candlestick

Linden-handle check-wok

Fleece rocket, cheese cricket

Racket fleas, temple sock


Onion beggar, blood-bling

Sling gum, trophy tongue

Grit orchid-scrapsong

Soldier slave, knife rum


Diamond dollar, fax-heart

Brick yacht, skunk rot

Steel kiss, wreck bomb

Giant sentence firestorm


Orphan casket whips ram

Ghost-sink slaughter-down

Silence. Science. Wing. Rain.

Who will take the ashes home?

Published online June 18 2018.

Anouk H. Henri holds a Master’s in Poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts and currently lives in Ottawa.

The Winter Issue cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Winter Issue,’ the Winter 2018 issue of CV2.

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