I Love You AC Slater


AC Slater glides into the room,

he smiles, dimples

break you in two

you are in love, he shoots

a finger gun at you

and it’s a secret love.



Shawn runs his hands

through his hair, split

perfectly into two parts.

There are these two parts

to his hair, it parts

you in two, you

are two parts. One of you

is a lie.



Uncle Jesse cries

in the storage room

of The Smash Club

you are sitting across from him.

He tells you it’s too much

to leave her, but he will.



The Red Ranger

hold out his arms

yells out “T-Rex”

and becomes




AC Slater

in his wrestling




If you split me down the middle.



Prayer isn’t as effective

as you think. He

cannot split into two.



Harvey doesn’t know

about your secret life

the secret attic door

that goes into a world

he can’t accept.



You put all of your thoughts

in AC Slater’s dimples,

the one about him,

the one that splits you into two. 

Published online July 29 2015.

Daniel Zomparelli is the editor-in-chief of Poetry Is Dead and author of Davie Street Translations. Rom Com, a collaborative book of poems written with Dina Del Bucchia, comes out Fall 2015 from Talonbooks. 

The Poetics of Queer cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Poetics of Queer,’ the Summer 2015 issue of CV2.

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