The trees are compliant beneath the sky.

They stand in the places assigned to them

without protest and grow and grow.


You are here in this frozen field

because you keep mistaking hearts

for compasses, confusing embraces

with fire and water.


Because your complicated life

is a package you carry upon your back

and you cannot seem to remember when it first

was hefted there, who filled it with such heavy stones.


You are aching to take off your guilt

and confusion as the trees relinquish fiery leaves,

then stand quietly in their bare coats of need.


Whatever it is that you want to confess,

this place will only give you one answer.

The ground will repeat it each time that you ask

and the sky explain without growing impatient.


This field is saying: there is a place

where you can hear the sound of your name.

This speaking will make you forget completely

how important it is to free yourself.


Go there.

Published online July 01 2004.

Forgiveness cover image

This piece was published in ‘Forgiveness,’ the Summer 2004 issue of CV2.

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