[Jonson] is a great lover and praiser of himself; a contemner and scorner of others…


Listed in the inventory as

“Gold and peach silk velour

purchased 1983.”


No mention that the pattern

fuzzily matches the bedside lamps —

florals and putti around a cartouche —


or that it drapes an uncelebrated comfort

over shoulders raised up to glean

late-night inspirations


as did its however-many-greats ancestor,

(handspun of wool and linen

woad-dyed a rich, calming blue)


when you woke, moved by love and rage

to satirize your friends and

your luck and your thirst.

Published online January 01 2012.

The Winter Issue cover image

This piece was published in ‘The Winter Issue,’ the Winter 2012 issue of CV2.

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