Blood Quantum

when you look at me do you see my blood quantum?

the quantities of who i am poured down

from generation to generation


do you see the lines that pull at me?

from the four directions

the history of Canada

written inside of me


or do you see the floating amoeba

the creatures that hunt my blood

their teeth razor sharp

devouring all that is unclean


do you see the mystery?

the imaginative world that exists inside,

bursts of colour

found only on the other side of universe

composite images seen through faulty telescopes

Published online January 09 2020.

Francine Cunningham is an award-winning Indigenous writer, artist and educator. She is a graduate of the UBC Creative Writing MFA program, and a recent winner of The Indigenous Voices Award in the 2019 Unpublished Prose Category and of The Hnatyshyn Foundation’s REVEAL Indigenous Art Award. You can find out more about her at 

Emergence cover image

This piece was published in ‘Emergence,’ the Fall 2019 issue of CV2.

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