Writing from Experience: Finding Comfort in Discomfort

Maurice Mierau (2:54)

Maurice Mierau talks about how his Mennonite background has given him a strong sense of himself as a poet.

Tagged with: mennonite writing, heritage, inspiration, growing up, travel.

Maurice Mierau's non-fiction book, Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, will appear with Freehand in September 2014. His new book of poems, Six, will be out in 2015 with Palimpsest. Mierau edits the online magazine The Winnipeg Review.

Maureen Scott Harris
Writing from Experience: What Makes a World (1:07)

Maureen Scott Harris talks about how her experiences living in Winnipeg have affected her writing.

Patrick Friesen
Writing from Experience: Moving to Winnipeg (4:36)

Patrick Friesen moved to Winnipeg to go to University. In this video he describes how his education at the University of Manitoba inspired his love of language, sparked his interest in writing and eventually led to his being one of the first authors published at Turnstone Press.

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