Location: Moving Around

Maurice Mierau (1:53)

Maurice Mierau talks about moving around a lot when he was younger.

Tagged with: travel, growing up, spirituality.

Maurice Mierau's non-fiction book, Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, will appear with Freehand in September 2014. His new book of poems, Six, will be out in 2015 with Palimpsest. Mierau edits the online magazine The Winnipeg Review.

John K. Samson
Location: Power in the Margins (2:10)

John K. Samson describes why he doesn’t mind being called a “Provincial” writer.

Maureen Scott Harris
Location: Packing and Unpacking (2:31)

Maureen Scott Harris discusses growing up in Winnipeg and the significance of location within her childhood.

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