On Editing: Finding New Voices

Maurice Mierau (1:50)

Maurice Mierau discusses reading manuscripts for book and magazine publishers, and looking for the individual voice of interesting new writers.


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Maurice Mierau's non-fiction book, Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, will appear with Freehand in September 2014. His new book of poems, Six, will be out in 2015 with Palimpsest. Mierau edits the online magazine The Winnipeg Review.

Maureen Scott Harris
On Editing: Lyrical Constraints (1:40)

Maureen Scott Harris is a self-declared lyric poet. In this video, she describes the effects of constraints on her writing.

Maurice Mierau
On Editing: Revising and Reviving (5:28)

In this video, Maurice Mierau speaks to why it takes so long to write a book of poems.

Patrick Friesen
On Editing: Finishing a Book (3:35)

Patrick Friesen describes why he has difficulty knowing when a work is finished and why he prefers publishing quickly rather than trying to obtain perfection.

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