Awards & Reviews: Helping Readers Make Choices

Maurice Mierau (6:53)

In this video, Maurice Mierau discusses what winning the 2009 ReLit award for poetry meant to him, as well as the differences between winning awards and being reviewed. To listen to him speak specifically about reviews, skip to 4:58.


At Contemporary Verse 2, we believe that reading and reviewing are important in becoming a better writer. If you want to know what’s new in poetry, or are interested in writing a review, check out our new blog series, Snapshots.

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Maurice Mierau's non-fiction book, Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, will appear with Freehand in September 2014. His new book of poems, Six, will be out in 2015 with Palimpsest. Mierau edits the online magazine The Winnipeg Review.

Maureen Scott Harris
Awards & Reviews: Poetry Awareness (1:33)

Maureen Scott Harris' poetry book Drowning Lessons was recently selected as one of four favourite Trillium books along with two novels by Michael Ondaatje and one by Margaret Atwood. Harris discusses her excitement at what this means for poetry.

Patrick Friesen
Awards & Reviews: Placement Among Peers (0:41)

In this video, Friesen tries to describe how he feels about the many awards and nominations he has received.

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