Inspiration: The Underwater World of Grief

Maureen Scott Harris (3:31)

Maureen Scott Harris describes the differences between her first poetry collection A Possible Landscape, published by Brick Books in 1993, and her second Drowning Lessons published by Pedar Press in 2004. In doing so, she discusses inspiration, grief, and self-discovery.

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Poet and essayist Maureen Scott Harris was born in Prince Rupert, grew up in Winnipeg, and lives in Toronto. She has published two collections of poems: A Possible Landscape (Brick Books, 1993) and Drowning Lessons (Pedlar Press, 2004), which was awarded the 2005 Trillium Prize for Poetry. She has twice won second prize in CV2’s poetry contests. Pedlar Press published her third collection, Slow Curve Out, in fall 2012.

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