Poets on Record

A special online series exploring the work and creative process of writers through video interviews. New short videos were released weekly throughout the spring of 2014.

Maurice Mierau

Maurice Mierau's non-fiction book, Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, will appear with Freehand in September 2014. His new book of poems, Six, will be out in 2015 with Palimpsest. Mierau edits the online magazine The Winnipeg Review.

Genre Lines: Thematic Connections (3:42)

Maurice Mierau has experience in nonfiction, poetry and editing. In this video, he discusses how interconnected these activites are.

Travel: The Impact of a Place (1:43)

In this video, Maurice Mierau discusses landscape, narrative and biography. He talks about being a second generation refugee and how, to him, place is "a metaphor for moving through one's life and reflecting on it in the way that a poet should."

Inspiration: Living in Jamaica (1:26)

In this video, Maurice Mierau talks about his childhood influences and early writing experiences.

The Creative Process: Listening, Learning, and Living (3:17)

Maurice Mierau discusses the importance of listening.

Culture, Language, and Community (3:57)

Maurice Mierau speaks about why Mennonite writers are drawn to community and writing groups.

Writing from Experience: Finding Comfort in Discomfort (2:54)

Maurice Mierau talks about how his Mennonite background has given him a strong sense of himself as a poet.

Poetry Books: Variety (2:10)

Maurice Mierau talks about why and how he tries to create variety between his works.

On Editing: Finding New Voices (1:50)

Maurice Mierau discusses reading manuscripts for book and magazine publishers, and looking for the individual voice of interesting new writers.

On Editing: Revising and Reviving (5:28)

In this video, Maurice Mierau speaks to why it takes so long to write a book of poems.

Location: Moving Around (1:53)

Maurice Mierau talks about moving around a lot when he was younger.

Awards & Reviews: Helping Readers Make Choices (6:53)

In this video, Maurice Mierau discusses what winning the 2009 ReLit award for poetry meant to him, as well as the differences between winning awards and being reviewed.

Poem: Alone (1:20)

Maurice Mierau reads his poem "Alone" from his book Fear Not, published by Turnstone Press in 2008.

Poem: The impassioned ex-formalist Pulitzer Prize-winning womanizing alcoholic jumps off a bridge (3:08)

Maurice Mierau reads "The impassioned ex-formalist Pulitzer Prize-winning womanizing alcoholic jumps off a bridge," the first poem in his manuscript Six.

Poem: Victimized (2:57)

Maurice Mierau reads his poem "Victimized" from his collection Fear Not for Poets on Record.

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