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Request for Support: CV2’s Emergence Project

Nov 29, 2018

With your help, CV2's Emergence Project can provide crucial support to new and emerging poets. Read more about this exciting project below!

Scheduled to launch in early 2019, CV2’s Emergence Project will include an extended issue of
the magazine (Fall V.42.2), which will feature an expansive conversation in the form of
interviews with writers about what it means to be an emerging poet in Canada; a gala launch of
the issue and panel discussion with several of the poets featured in the issue (both local, and from
across the country); and a series of free writing and publishing workshops to be held in the
spring of 2019 and the spring of 2020.

Our new goals require additional financial support beyond the current funding we receive and the
income we generate through the sales of subscriptions to the magazine. The estimated total cost
of this project is just over $20,000. We request your help to ensure that this project can come to
fruition and offer the widest and greatest possible support to poets.

CV2 is a registered charity and all donations of $10.00 and higher will receive a charitable
receipt. Levels of support are as follows:

Poetry Legend:

Poetry Superhero:

Poetry Champion:

Poetry Builder:

Poetry Supporter:

Poetry Friend:

Your generous contribution will go towards:

All proceeds will go to the Emergence Project. Thank you for your generous support and for
your passion for Canadian poetry.